headshotWelcome to Awakening Your Existence! I greet you to my website and hope the information in its pages will help you along your journey. With the help of my Guides, my Angels and many teachers, I have learned many lessons and I hope that this website will assist your learning process as well.

I hold the firm belief that everyone is psychic. We all have an inborn gift that allows us to tap into the divine energy all around us. Some were raised in households that it was okay to exhibit such gifts. Others, like myself, were convinced out of their abilities. Regardless of your upbringing, you too can develop and enjoy your gifts. I operate in many different practices, psychic, medium, reader, healer and trance channel. All of which I can do because of my understanding of how to connect to energy. You too have this ability. So if you want to learn anything about the metaphysical, that’s a great place to start.

If you have landed on this page…its probably not an accident. I started my journey back to discovery about 6 years ago. With the aid of my first spiritual teacher, Alice. With understanding guidance she led me to understand how to tap into my own talents and start receiving universal knowledge. Most of this knowledge was accumulated through my Guides. (I’ve devoted a section to introduce you to them.) I have come to trust the information that comes through, even though the lessons are sometimes very hard. This last year has been one trial after another. But, with the help of friends, family, and yes my guides, I have been elevated back to a place where I can see the joy in life. I’m sure many of you can related.